You can change the world,
Start with your community.

We are building an app and platform to help people help others. We believe we have the power to build resilient communities formed by the connections made by people helping one another on both local and global levels. Helpeep is operated by like-minded and hearted people who are passionate about helping others and making a better world by reconnecting as humankind.

  • Connect
  • Help
  • Joy
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"Gives" and "Receives"
Connects Immediately

By using helpeep™ app, we connect people who needs help and people who want to help others without any expectation, immediately.

Build community
Genuine help

The similar atracts.By helping people from heart, atract real people around you to help each other whenever in need

Spread Love
Across the globe

Helpeep™ community will help you with whatever in need wherever you go all over the world.

How the app works

Easy ABC stesp to share Love!

  • Open the app

    Type whatever you can "Give" to people or "Help" that you need from others.

  • Connect with other users who are happy to help you

    Or Help others who need with anything urgent.

  • No money, Appreciation from heart

    Receiver gives their "Karma points™" to Giver to show appreciation.

Join us! today

Help us create a great community to make the world better place. Change starts from you!
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